Mar 7, 2016

New Book, New Podcast Episode, and other Nonsense

Well, we did it! We wrote another book in the Saurimonde series officially making it a trilogy! *pops champagne* *accidently breaks chandelier* *laughs it off guzzling the bubbly*

And now you can win 1 of 4 free signed paperback copies from the Goodreads giveaway contest (enter to win below in the widget):

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Saurimonde III by Melissa St. Hilaire

Saurimonde III

by Melissa St. Hilaire

Giveaway ends May 06, 2016.
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Saurimonde III synopsis:
Safety is but an illusion...  
In the search for a young woman who may already be dead, the tragically lovely Saurimonde, along with her handsome consort, Sordel, travel deep within the mysterious zone where she comes under the spell of the powerful high priestess, Na Dag'ma, who, after initiating her into their strange faith, sends her on a quest to find a dangerous ancient relic.  
Amid a quagmire of lies, duplicity, and collusion, the veil between worlds becomes threadbare – one existence bleeding into another – as Saurimonde and Sordel wander further into a supernatural web. Upon finding what they seek, will they be able to break free? Or be forced to become the ultimate sacrifice?
If you haven't read the first two you can find them here:

Saurimonde I

Saurimonde II

However, while the book does refer back to previous events, I think the story stands on its own so you can dive into our strange world without having read the previous books.
We also recorded a new episode of Between the Sheets:

In our sixteenth episode we try to get back into the swing of things after our month long break with: a show dedicated to wine lovers, like how red wine is great for sex, as well as another book by Mandy De Sandra, Fox News Fuckfest, for all your bizzaro political erotica needs! (And, yes, we forgot to turn off the A/C at the BTS studios again, damn it!)
Lastly, now that Saurimonde III is complete and the tragic distractions of last year are now in the past, I will once again jump into my epic scifi novel, Xodus, that I've been dying to finish. I can't wait to get back to Lexi and her strange band of misfit cadets and aliens as they do battle to save the Earth.

On a personal front, we've been house shopping and, man, that is crazy hard out here in La La Land. You find the perfect house that you, omg, actually can afford, blink, and *poof* it's gone. It's ridiculous! So, we've expanded our search beyond our original parameters into areas previously unknown, which is both exhilarating and downright frightening.

We found this one house in NoHo that's kind of cute and, if we were to buy it, I could see being even cuter with a little landscaping TLC, yet, even though I'm dying to move, I find myself becoming crippled with the thought of actually moving.

For instance, last night I could not get to sleep tossing and turning with thoughts of, "But if we move, from where will we order pizza? Is there a Trader Joe's nearby? How far will I be from my dentist? (I mean seriously, it's crazy hard finding a really good dentist, you know?)"

In spite of that, my mind is equally spinning out in the other direction going, "If we got that NoHo house, I'd plant some nice succulents along the pathway to the entrance and throw down some stepping stones. Then maybe I'd plant a fruit tree in the back. Oh! And I could create a gaming/exercise room. How cool would that be?" I will never sleep again.

So, if I seem a little spacey and don't reply to emails, texts, phone calls, FB messages, or smoke signals right away, don't take it personally! I'm just hermitting myself away creatively while also finding a new cave within which to hermit. (Though I do hope to crawl out into the light of day every now and then, down a bottle of wine, and record a new podcast!)

Until next time...

March 2016