Aug 14, 2015

Don't Be Afraid to Chase Your Dreams

Three Things:

First up, I was asked to share the bravest thing I ever did for Rhoda's amazing new site

Melissa, what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

...The palm trees swaying in the Santa Anas beckoned to me. Could I do it? Could I drop everything and move West? Could I leave my friends and family?...

Second, Scarlett & I released our 5th episode of Between the Sheets. In this one we discover there's an actual thing called National Orgasm Day, which we celebrate by going through a list of things you might not have known about climaxing. Then we share an embarrassing Windows 10 warning, as well as a squirrel stalker story (say that 5 times fast!).

Third, we finished the treatment of Saurimonde 3, which we wrote at a friend's gorgeous, serene home. Here we are clinking wine glasses in celebration:

What a fabulously strange year it has been so far...

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