Aug 29, 2015

The Infinite Void (poem)

What is life?
What is consciousness?

What comes before?
What comes after?


All that is
Or ever was
Or a darkness so black
A sleep so deep


All the pain subsides
All the fear
All the worry

What of joy
Love Laughter
Where do they go?

Every moment stored
In the mind computer

Every experience
That makes us us

All these events
That equal life

All these people
All these...everything
That makes us
Who we are

Where do they go
When the light fades
And we're called home

To the infinite void...

Aug 14, 2015

Don't Be Afraid to Chase Your Dreams

Three Things:

First up, I was asked to share the bravest thing I ever did for Rhoda's amazing new site

Melissa, what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

...The palm trees swaying in the Santa Anas beckoned to me. Could I do it? Could I drop everything and move West? Could I leave my friends and family?...

Second, Scarlett & I released our 5th episode of Between the Sheets. In this one we discover there's an actual thing called National Orgasm Day, which we celebrate by going through a list of things you might not have known about climaxing. Then we share an embarrassing Windows 10 warning, as well as a squirrel stalker story (say that 5 times fast!).

Third, we finished the treatment of Saurimonde 3, which we wrote at a friend's gorgeous, serene home. Here we are clinking wine glasses in celebration:

What a fabulously strange year it has been so far...