Jul 16, 2015

Parental Discretion Advised

I have wanted to do a podcast for years.

Like, literally, years.

Ever since I worked at the Smodcastle watching Kevin Smith and crew being funny and brave on stage.

I even went so far as to approach a couple people to ask if they'd do one with me but, although I got positive responses, nothing ever panned out.

Years flew by.

I considered doing one on my own but I wasn't ready. I wasn't feeling brave enough. Besides, I felt a two person podcast just worked better. You can bounce ideas off each other and save each other when one is floundering.

So I bid my time until recently when my co-writer, Scarlett, agreed to doing a podcast.

We had discussed it before, but she lived in France and, although we technically could have tried to use Skype to podcast together, the reception was poor and often dropped out, so we never bothered.

But now she lives in LA so all we needed was a microphone and a crash course in GarageBand.

Several hours - and a few mojitos - later and we had our first podcast.

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