Dec 6, 2014

World of Pretend (poem)

We live in a world of pretend
Showing only our best sides
To family and friends
Hiding our scars
Our cracks our pains
Everything is perfect
And we're happy all the time
But it's all far from the truth
Look closely see through the facade
We are not all we pretend to be
But if we tell the truth
If we bare our pains to the world
We're painted as negative
And told to cheer up
Get over it
Move on
But it isn't always so easy
To be happy all the time
When our hearts are breaking
And the world is a mess
And everywhere is death
From my living room floor
To Ferguson or Cleveland or Staten Island
West Africa, Iraq or Syria
So leave me alone
I need to grieve
But that won't stop me
From posting funny cat videos
With tears streaming down my face
Pretending everything is okay

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