Oct 20, 2013

What Others Think

That weird delicate balance between caring what others think and not.

I don't want to care but I do.

There are many things wherein I don't care: I don't care what you think about Bono or U2, I adore them regardless. I don't care what you think about the way I'm dressed because I'm super comfortable in my jeans, flannels, and flats.

But I care what you think about my words, maybe that's okay since I'd like to make a living using them someday. And I care what you think about me, though maybe I shouldn't.

Maybe it doesn't matter if you think I'm too old or too young, too thin or too fat, too silly or too serious, too shy or too overwhelming, too reserved or too crazy, too ugly or too pretty -- none of it really matters because for each one, someone thinks it of me. You can never please everyone else but you can please yourself (twice daily, sometimes even thrice) -- too crude or too prude -- Or maybe you don't think of me ever and maybe that's the worst...or the best thing of all.

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