Jul 9, 2013

Drama (Poem)

the dreams inside my brain
pound on my temples
trying to get out
to be born
from my head
like Athena from Zeus

every morning a struggle
to bring my conscious self
into this world
my inner me
belonging to an alternate reality
that feels more real
than this

though it is the dream landscape
where there is
no time
no death
no tangible barriers
between souls

there in that place
I have another life
one of constant adventure
conflict and
wondrous sights
I am a spy
being hunted or
escaping a zombie horde
with all my friends or
on an alien planet 
light years from Earth

these adventures
want to be told
the characters
want to be real
in this world
so when my eyes open
they cling to my mind
pushing their way
into daytime thoughts
wanting to breathe
to be alive

and so I write

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