Jul 30, 2013

Contest - 1 More Day Left

There is 1 more day left to enter to win a paperback copy of Saurimonde via Goodreads.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Saurimonde by Melissa St. Hilaire


by Melissa St. Hilaire

Giveaway ends August 01, 2013.
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Don't worry if you don't win, though. We have even more contests in the works, so stay tuned!

Moonlight and dark waters, a lover's low laughter, the taste of sunshine on her skin... You will die. I will die, the river whispers. We are all food for each other. We are all food for the universe. It has always been the way... And love... love is the shining beacon which hides beyond the lonely shore.

Welcome to the beautiful and dark world of Saurimonde... A supernatural erotic series written by Scarlett Amaris and Melissa St. Hilaire. Do you dare to go there?

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