Apr 2, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 2/poem 2

Today's poem is one from the never-before-seen archives. I'm fairly certain I wrote it during winter circa 1992-1998.

home (deep inside space)

i just want to disappear deep inside space
lingering listlessly in weightlessness
blinking with stars of the heavens
far beyond man’s grasp
and understanding
to be one with the universe
an infinite point
on an infinite grid
expanding over time
wrapping solar systems
around linear time
i want to be unstuck
just being here, now
but everywhere, always
not cold and alone
beneath a moonless, starless sky
deep inside
eastern city snow
but burning bright
shooting across
all space and time
forever always changing mutating existing
how did i get here
fall here
become trapped
i’m not meant for this
i’m not of this earth
but a fallen star
that somehow survived
the earth’s atmosphere
i want to go home
where is home
(deep inside space)

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