Apr 25, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 25/poem 25

There was a brief period in my life when I flirted with converting poems to lyrics. This one was written in late summer 2006.


everything everything everything everything
you are
everyone everyone
and none of that you are
darkness filled with light
lightness filled with air
airness filled with poison
poisonous flag you wave
wave goodbye
goodbye hello
hello hello adieu farewell
farwell to love
and all that dies
farewell to hate
and all that lies
I am not the me that I once was
but I am the me that I forgot
And the mess we are what we all be
the here and now
searching for security
like me like me
I crack my neck
puff down my cigarette
try to think
to not forget
try to write
to capture this
but all that is written cannot create what the mind perceives in early daybreak
and so on
on and so
back to you
to everything
and all that ever was
I love you

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