Apr 24, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 24/poem 24

This next poem is undated but from the style and content, I'm thinking it's either senior year high school or freshman year college. I think I submitted this one to be published but I don't think it made the cut.

Stained Glass

Stained glass girl
When I look into your eye
I see the pain of being locked inside
Break the glass, let yourself fly free
But aesthetic beauty doesn't allow me
To do what I must do

Stained glass mistress
When the light hits your glass
Let a reflective path
Show me where I should not go
Because I can not bear to follow
The straight and narrow

Stained glass princess
Tell me why do all my castles fall
You know, I've never looked straight
At the snow in the morning
Because of the dangerous,
Burning glare, but

Stained glass woman
I look straight into his eyes
Without caring who sees me stare
My heart reveals the truth
Ignoring the risk of my pursuit
Because I want him

Stained glass mother
Frozen in time
You've seen where I've gone
And know where I’ll go
As you've seen the lives of all women before me
Each decade a step towards equality

Stained glass feminist
You know what will become of us
Through our mistakes and experience
Ruling over our realm like an immortal queen
I need your wise instruction
To avoid my inevitable destruction

Stained glass queen
When I look at you
I see a mirror of my eye
A gentle stare without care
And a cold, deceptive glare
I see myself in you

Stained glass lady
You still haven’t told me what to do
So I’ll shatter your world
Set you free to be mortal
So you can die like me
Never having a chance to relive your past

Stained glass bitch
Make the most of each mistake
Fully relish in any success you make
With this break I’ll enhance my freedom
Like my feet freed from these shackles
You can no longer judge me

Stained glass pieces
Lying on the floor
It’s time I swept you up
Opened my door and be on my own way
To make my own choices
Even if I fail

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