Apr 1, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 1/poem 1

So, apparently it's National Poetry Month and I thought a fun challenge to myself would be to see if I have enough poems (that I feel comfortable sharing with the world) to blog one per day every day for the whole month from my published and never-before-seen archives because why not? (My reason for doing most things.)

I thought I might dig up the first poem I ever had published to start. Thus, without further ado, I give you poem #1, "Watery Words," published in Shards, Tenth Anniversary Edition 1992, Editors: The Quabbin Poetry Club & The Outer Fringe, Issue #6, Editor: Thomas Pagano.

Watery Words

Splash at my feet
Trickles in my ears
The music flows over my body
    Like strong Atlantic waves
    Beating on the rocky shore

I need this
I need you
Your heavy breaths of smoky language
 Like dewy fog

    You lead me through dark seaweed
    As a lighthouse shines
     On the blinding way

I am floating on your melody
    And drowning in your dirge
    Save me with your watery words

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