Apr 18, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 18/poem 18

I think this never-before-seen poem from the archives was written post college, pre-LA.

Red Shooting Stars

I lay awake
and wonder
what death is...
An infinite light
point behind the eye
and above the moon.
I feel like I’m going to fall
I stare out at
a city skyline
within the confines
of my computer screen
yellow buildings
and red shooting star
thousands of little colored
pixels dance as pseudo-stars
in this post-modern
techno trance
so like a shaman
bringing health
through vision
but there is no tribe
and I am alone
So clear
my mind
yet so distant
like an imperfect point
lying on the horizon
past rivers and streams
paths roads
mountains and hills
I see it so clearly
so clear
I fear

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