Apr 17, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 17/poem 17

I'm not sure if this next poem was written during college or afterwards but I'm fairly certain it was inspired by Romeo & Juliet but set in modern day.


I thought I'd never love
I thought I'd never die
Now I know
Now I believe in the love and the light
and the death in the darkness
My love is dark
My death will lighten
the night sky
like a thousand stars exploding
in my chest

When I look into your eyes
of blue daylight
raining tears of violent happiness
driving too fast
weaving traffic
lighting a bowl
and blaring
Led Zeppelin
I see death approaching
masked by love
I believe in my narcissistic contradictions
I believe your lies
I have to
the artist sucks the lover dry
a thousand rebirths
in a thousand lonely nights
wrapped in your arms of security
for you to hurt me
shatter my shell
until I rain inky words
of love and death
like a stereotype
melancholy poet
You will fulfill my destiny

And you and I
we won't be happy
because we know reality
We lose ourselves in
drugs and alcohol
in sex and pain
And we won't be happy
until we prove our unworthiness of joy
And we won't be happy
together or alone
And we won't be happy
until reality bleeds our fantasies unto earth
from pink clouds and purple sky
dragon's breath and Frodo's ring
We won't be happy until we die
and kiss goodbye
painting love black in the sky

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