Apr 15, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 15/poem 15

Today's poem actually had a date right on it: 11/16/95 (I really wish I had done that all along for every poem, oh well...Anyhoo...) Mid-college from the never-before-seen archives.


Beautiful evilness
that shines within
Eyes ablaze
through dusty haze
And I do believe
in our chambers of thought
that so eloquently echo
adrift between our
minds entwined
And the blood of the
hurricane burns my hand
so deep red
dripping candle wax
of pain
pleasure and pain
paradoxical love affair
And did we all die that night
of red
and ecstasy dreams
dancing circles
upon silver balloons
in the center of the universe
of which we orbit
prophets of the west
shooting stars
to return home
kiss the ground
flying low
falling landing
like birds shot down
carpeting the floor
a bloody mess
And when I woke up
And when I woke up
And when I woke up
When will I wake up
When I woke up

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