Apr 13, 2013

National Poetry Month: day 13/poem 13

When I was a kid I was obsessed with a series of books called Serendipity about miscellaneous animals and mystical creatures. Years later in 1999 I stumbled across some of my old books cleaning out my grandmother's house and wrote the following never-before-seen poem.

The Land of Serendipity

She walks to the crystal stream
And drinks the sweet, blue water.
One blink and it's a dream.
This is the land of Serendipity.

Of misty, light green forests,
White unicorns with golden horns,
Yellow winged Pegasus,
And colorful, sparkling jewels.

This is the land of Serendipity.
With flop-eared rabbits,
Butterflies and flying dragons;
Creatures of the night,
Creatures of the day:
All live in peaceful harmony.

In this land
Lessons are learned
And morals made clear
Friends are made
And enemies not feared.

This is the land of a child's fantasy.
Princes courting princesses
At glamorous ballroom dances in magnificent castles.
This is the land of a child's dream.
A beautiful, young girl walking down a mystical path,
Leading to the labyrinth
Of wonder and delight.
This is the land of Serendipity.

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