May 29, 2012

So Many Free Downloads and a Contest!

Like OMG.

I'm having a valley girl moment because my brain imploded from how many of you downloaded copies of my book today and it's only noon.


There goes my brain like a giant balloon being tackled by a kitten with tiny sharp claws fully extended.

POOF. Whoosh.

And there go all my coherent thoughts like so much hot air.

Seriously, though, thank you everyone for partaking in this 24 hour promo-athon for my debut book. After it started midnight last night/this morning I half expected to wake up to either zero downloads or like 10 to 20, but at 9:30 am it was at 52. My heart leapt up into my throat, my brain imploded, I swallowed my tongue, and my stomach did somersaults. (And as of this writing it's at 75!)

Again, thank you everyone who downloaded the book today. I hope you enjoy it! And if you haven't downloaded it yet or don't know what the hell I'm going on about...

You have 12 hours left to download my debut book IN THE NOW, a memoir/women's studies/self-help book about sex, drugs, and everything else, on Kindle for FREE here:

It's all about spreading the word.

Also, if you enjoyed your free copy of IN THE NOW, please "like" the official Facebook Page here for your chance to win a FREE signed copy of the paperback version (plus swag!). (One winner will be chosen at random when the page reaches a total of 75 likes, then a second winner at 100 likes.)

Or, instead, you can buy a signed copy here: The first batch was such a success, I've ordered a second small batch. So, if you're interested, buy now while supplies last and I'll throw in any IN THE NOW related swag I have lying around.


[Edited to add contest. Also, up to 81 downloads now! OMGOMGOMG]

Update: Total count for yesterday was 209 with a handful squeezing in right up until the very end. Wow! Thanks everyone!

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