Nov 18, 2011

Sad Poem

my soul feels lost
adrift on a breeze
looking for a safe place to call  home
but I have no true home anymore
and all the places I ever called home
are lost in time

so I float
never really touching ground
never really settling in
waiting for the next big thing
to carry me off again
into the void

always avoiding reality
what is reality?
a house two kids and a station wagon?
what is reality
depends on who you are
and where you live

but do I really live anywhere?
Los Angeles
a way station for transients
still chasing the dream
and looking for a place where they fit in
never really fitting in

lost on a sea of dreams
crashed ashore on a deserted island
starved for love and attention
is this all there is
just loss after loss
as you get older?

everyday another heartbreak
everyday another childhood dream
surrendered to the void
or drown in a cocktail of lies
and delusion
or maybe I just really miss my cat