Oct 23, 2011

Yeah, so, this just happened...

Just a couple hours ago we were about to head off to an exciting Sunday at Bed, Bath, & Beyond when I smelled smoke...
At first I thought it was a light burning a plastic gel in our living room. We have a lot of lights with gels. My husband is a Gaffer, after all.

But then Jeremy checked the back porch and saw smoke billowing out of a neighbor's porch.

While I checked the hallway which was so thick with smoke you couldn't see a inch in front of your face.

There were two other neighbors at the end of the hallway who already called the LAFD.

They arrived so fast it was ridiculous.

Meanwhile I went out into the courtyard and alerted neighbors.

The fire alarms were not very loud.

We still don't know the cause, but a neighbor's kitchen caught on fire two doors down.

The hallway leading up to his place and the garage below are completely flooded.

But thankfully no one was hurt and the fire didn't spread to anyone else.

Thanks to the LAFD.

Thanks to truck 61.

Here's a fireman tossing out the burnt remains of the apartment.

Look, there's a bowl of spaghetti.

The guy was kind of a pack rat.