Jun 5, 2011

Allan Loeb Screenwriting Contest

Well, we didn't win the Allan Loeb Screenwriting Contest. I'm actually kind of relieved, as we never really wrote it to win it, we just wrote it for fun and for the experience of entering a screenwriting contest, but it still stings on some level that we didn't even make finalist.

Regardless, I still think what we wrote was pretty hilarious and we received rave reviews on it from almost everyone who read it.

So, without further ado, now for the first time ever, you, too, can read our failed contest entry screenplay, if you like. I don't know if we'll ever finish it, especially since I'm juggling two other screenplays right now, but I'm proud of it and just might want to revisit it again another time.

Logline (as created by Allan Loeb): "A group of married men desperate for one last bachelor party invents a long-lost friend who’s about to be wed, but things get out of control when their wives want to meet the groom before the big event."

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