May 6, 2011

Random Poem (poem)

Beauty. Truth. Peace. Love.
Knowledge. Life.
Death. Rebirth. Karma.
Souls. Destiny.
Destroy. Create.
Remake. Mate.
Touch. Taste. Feel. Smell. Hear.
God. One. Unity.
Anarchy. Faith.
Religion. Doubt.
Class. Status. Contest.
Win. Lose. Watch.
Live. Long. Prosper.
Dream. Out. Loud.
Question. Authority.
Sleep. Eat. Drink. Sex.
Learn. Teach. Savor.
Film. Photo. Word.
Sing. Song. Sung.
Change. Rearrange. Coffee.
Tea. Sugar. Milk. Honey.
Bee. Me. You. Wake. Up.
Be. Here. Now.

(First posted on Facebook, copied here to preserve for whenever I decide to quit FB.)

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