Nov 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at Dennys & Creepy Christmas Toys

Living 3,000 miles from home presents a problem at holidays. We can't afford to fly home for every single one so we have to pick and choose. Thanksgiving is low on my priority list because I'm a vegetarian. Here's Jeremy and I at the "Rock 'n' Roll" Denny's for our big fancy Thanksgiving dinner.


And Jeremy looking rather disturbed at his menu...


In case you're wondering what I had, well, I ate pancakes for Thanksgiving dinner!

Pancake Donut

It looks like a donut, I know. Waitresses (almost) always comment on it and I have to give my requisite response, "It's so the syrup doesn't spread all over everything." Get it? Like a cup! I'm a genius, I know... LMAO.

But why talk about Thanksgiving when according to every store on the planet it's already Christmas.

In fact, just today, I discovered the creepiest Christmas gift ever. So, I videotaped it for you.


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