Oct 18, 2008

WIRED’s blog used an image from my FLICKR photostream AGAIN

See, this is why Googling yourself pays off, right? Ok, so I get home from a great night out at M Bar with one of my friends where we enjoyed an interesting line up of comedians including Kevin Lahaie, a fellow Troma fan, Brian Monarch, who stole the show with his light saber dick routine, & headliner Mike Muratore, when I decided I needed a little self love. So I Googled my Flickr monikor: M3Li55@ (cause I can't just be a plain Jane Melissa) & discovered that Wired Magazine's blog, that once used one of my graphic design's for an article on Net Neutrality, also used my most popular photograph of Bono from my Flickr photostream for an article on U2's frontman. How freaken cool is that? U2 is my all time favorite band ever and here the premier magazine of the geek culture uses a photograph that I took at a U2 concert for their story? I am like totally freaking out at the coolness factor!

Here's the link to the Wired Blog Network article on Bono that used my photograph from the Vertigo tour in Phoenix, AZ:

Bono Calls Radiohead's Approach to Music Sales 'Courageous'

And here's the original photo on Flickr:

THAT'S Bono 2 U

Ok, I'm gonna go squeal myself to sleep now.

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