Oct 26, 2008

Letting Go is the Hardest Part & News Blues

I've been writing commentaries and digging up old poems to publish via Triond to help keep me focused on writing consistently while I still detox from prescription meds and get my life back together.

Triond pays the writer by placing ads throughout the content. I'm not quite sure how it all works and I don't make much money, but every time someone reads my work I get little pocket change. Every little bit helps!

So, if you have an extra moment, please read either (or better yet both!) of my most recently published bits.

One is a tribute/commentary on dealing with the loss of my favorite pets:

Letting Go is the Hardest Part (I already feel better just having expressed myself about it)

And the other a political poem I wrote in 1993 that, sadly, still holds true today:

News Blues

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PS: I have video & pics from the Book of Lists Horror signing to post later, but I gotta go get ready for an event tonight. Stay tuned!

Update: Long since abandoned.

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