Oct 13, 2008

FEAST 2 DVD signing at Dark Delicacies

Saturday the Boy and I took a trip back over to Dark Delicacies to say hi to Clu and the Feast 2 gang and get our copy of the DVD signed as well as my Cut! 2008 photo with zombies.

FEAST 2 signed

FEAST 2 DVD signing

Cut! 2008 Zombie shot signed by Clu Gulager!

He asked for a copy, too, but I only had one. D'oh! Next time, Clu! And this time I'll sign it! 

Many horror movies come and go but few and far between are the truly unique ones that last forever, especially sequels. Dimension's Feast II: Sloppy Seconds serves up a film worth remembering.

At the DVD signing I raved over the first Feast to director John Gulager telling him how it sufficiently creepified me. Well, Feast 2 delivers even more creepification with new twists and turns and an interesting shift of focus on the science of the beast that can turn any iron stomach. Heck, just recalling the dissection gets my stomach churning! Nevermind the bit with the baby! Holy Moley, they took horror to a whole new level on many layers. Not to mention that I'll never look at my cats the same again...

Horror fans I urge you to feast your eyes upon this sequel from the writers of the Saw sequels and be sure to watch on an empty stomach!

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