Sep 23, 2008

Why should I stop blogging? (a rant)

I'm trying to embrace the "who gives a shit what other people think about what I do with my time" approach to life.

Hence blogging. Certain folks close to me have oft suggested I cease to blog. My question is why? Why should I cease? I enjoy blogging. I don't even care if anyone reads my blogs. I'm just a compulsive writer.

Then I get the, oh, well, then you should just write your thoughts down in private.

Um, what makes you think I don't?

I have notebooks & journals & random crumpled up pieces of paper spilling over the brim of my apartment with all my private thoughts. Some of these thoughts are screenplays, some are poems, most are just me ranting away about my day, but all are private... except what I decide to share via my blog (or other avenues). And so what if I do share? I'm not not making money by blogging. Blogging doesn't hold me back creatively. If anything it fuels me. Heck, why write something & not share it? Especially if you're proud of it. (And even if you're not. I don't know if I'm proud of this blog yet. This is sponateity baby.)

People tell me MySpace isn't real. The internet isn't real. You want more. Well, then, what is real? My thoughts are real. These words you read are real. I am real. So what if my chosen form of expression is a corporate sponsored blog machine. I like MySpace. I like YouTube, too. And Flickr. I like sharing what I make with whomever cares cause maybe we'll find a connection there. Maybe I'll make a new friend. Or maybe I'll touch another soul who knows how shitty things can go and maybe I'll inspire someone to pick up a pen and share their thoughts, too. Or maybe I wont.

Point is, you don't unless you do, ya dig?

So to whoever secretly reads my blogs and then tells me to my face, "You're wasting your time," fuck off.

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