Sep 21, 2008

Remember Floppy Colon? No? Then read me!

So, I was in therapy today and I had a decent session but it seemed like the general theme was I don't focus enough on myself (and here I thought I was narcissistic). So, in an attempt to shine a light back on me & show the world what I see, I give you *dun dun dun* Floppy Colon!

Created in 2007, Floppy Colon was a way for me to redirect negative energy -- the depression & anger & hormonal imbalance -- that my ovarian cysts were giving me.

Floppy Colon itself was born from the lips of my surgeon, who informed me, shortly after removing my appendix & sucking fluid out of my ovaries, that my colon was too floppy. Well, I thought that was the funniest thing I ever heard. I was like, "So, what? I have a floppy colon." And in total seriousness the doctor was all, "Yes, you have a floppy colon and I highly recommend you blah blah blah..." He didn't skip a beat. I was like, um, hello, why is this only funny to moi?

So, a few months later I was messing around with my Sharpie when lo & behold I drew my floppy colon just randomly and I fell in love... Then, of course, I had to draw the ovaries, which were really killing me, thus the attack of the killer ovaries.

Good times. Good times.


But I made the most of it.

Check it out some time & add Floppy as a friend. He gets lonely sometimes, especially since I killed him off. LMAO.

Floppy Colon MySpace Page

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