Sep 16, 2008

Let it Roll

Sometimes just gotta sit and be
Still with yourself
Time does fly
Capture the good moments
Let the bad roll on by

Let the bad roll on by
Bye Bye
By and by
Let them roll on by
by and by
Let them roll on
Baby blues
Let yourself
Rock it all out
Back & forth
Baby blues

Sometimes you just gotta be silent
Feel the beat smooth and sweet
Let it rock
Let it roll
Let it all go...

Throw the dice
Thick as ice
I'm not vanilla
I'm not chocolate
I'm whatever you want
Whipped up quick.

I give it all away for free
Take it - don't you see
I need you I need this...*

Splash at my feet
Trickles in my ears
The music flows over my body
    Like strong Atlantic waves
    Beating on the rocky shore

I need this
I need you
Your heavy breaths of smoky language
 Like dewy fog

    You lead me through dark seaweed
    As a lighthouse shines
     On the blinding way

I am floating on your melody
    And drowning in your dirge
    Save me with your watery words

*The 1st half just written now
**The 2nd half written 1992 & published in:

Tenth Anniversary Edition 1992
Editors: The Quabbin Poetry Club

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