Sep 24, 2008

Dark Delicacies, Indeed! (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)

So I got this text message from Lloyd Kaufman suggesting I check out this DVD signing he's participating in at a bookstore called Dark Delicacies because he thinks I'll dig the store. Well, he was right! I wicked did AND I highly recommend ALL horror fans to go there enmasse NOW! Stop reading this, turn off your computer, & get in your car/hop on your bike/beg for a ride to The Book of Lists: Horror's Del Howison's store Dark Delicacies pronto.

I'll just sit here and listen to iTunes until you get back.

Ok, back? (I know you didn't really go, so just play along.)

I met Del & chatted him up with Lloyd (I left my memory stick in the computer having just uploaded my REALLY? TV footage for editing so I had to make due with a borrowed camera phone):

A surprise meeting was Tony Todd. That was cool. He's on 24 now, so I introduced him to Jeremy because he did the first 3 seasons. Small town:

Here are some more photos from the evening, including my fave horror flick proudly displayed:

I bought a copy of the DVD BRYAN LOVES YOU and had it signed by everyone except Lloyd. I didn't do that on purpose though. (As a side note, I realize what I Twittered about autographs, but I forgot how much fun it is to pick through books on a shelf and find the personalized touch of a signed one, like Dark Delicacies up above or one of  an author that Lloyd recommended, Joe Shirley, below. If I had more money I would've bought the signed SNUFF for Care!):

Mine's two-sided. It was not on purpose... I'm just a dork & forgot to pull out the inside cover for everyone to sign properly. See, I'm just not well versed in the art of DVD signing. *sigh* Oh well...

All in all it was a supertronic time! I got to meet some wicked cool folks that I look forward to seeing again at maybe Screamfest
or future signings at Dark Delicacies.



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