Sep 27, 2008

Bathtub Danzig

So, I went out to Cat & Fiddle with my friend Nikki, Mike, & some other dude who's name I totally forget right now (Sorry dude! He was cute, too. Anyway...) and after a raucous game of Photo Hunt & a tormented game of Music Trivia she told me to look up "Danzig Shopping List" & look for her video response after watching the original and omg I just have to say kudos to her. First of all for discovering the Danzig Shopping List video in the first place (I obviously missed it) & Secondly for memorizing the lyrics enough to sing it. How awesome is that? She's so wicked.

Here's Nikki & Me @ CF:

As you can see, I'm making my crazy face. LMAO. I dunno what I was thinking... Must've been those black & tans. *blush*

Here's the original Danzig Shopping List:

And here's my friend's YouTube-famous *drum roll please* Bathtub Danzig:

Oh, Nikki, you crack me up!

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