Aug 21, 2008

The story of when Jeremy pooped his an public

Morris' recent comment reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time when Jeremy and I were first married -- out here all alone in LA with no car and only each other for company -- we desperately had to go to a grocery store but Jer was real sick. Flu-like symptoms. But because he knew I couldn't possibly carry all the stuff we needed he decided to walk down with me, despite his illness, to the store (which was & still is, incidentally, "Evil Ralph's" near the Wiltern).

Well, to his chagrin he had a little accident in the store BUT he was standing in the Depends aisle where he said, all bent over weird, "I pooped my pants."

I burst out laughing because I thought it was a clever joke (he even sounded like an old, hoarse man when he said it) and all the while what with the Depends racks as his background.

But no.

He was serious.

I then went into full blown action mode to get him to the nearest bathroom right quick.

Funny side note: Due to not having done his laundry, he was wearing MY camo pants + MY boxers (yes, I used to wear men's boxers for underwear. "Try not to faint.") so like despite my mothering him I was also all, "Those are so not ever going to be my pants or boxers like ever again no matter how many times they got washed."

And they did get washed, myriad times indeed, and the Boy did wear 'em again.

Not me, tho.

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