Aug 30, 2008

Passion 4 Sale (poem)

I do these things for free
Because I have passion in me
I starve I cry
I wonder why
But when I see you smile
Everything's alright for awhile

Aug 24, 2008

Mercurial & Moody (poem)

They call it transference
So I transfer to you
Can you absorb
And deflect
All this negative energy
That keeps enveloping me
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to do
I wanna go
Start over
I wanna stay
So scared
I don't know
I just don't know
On any given day
What I'll think
What I'll do
Or what I'll say
They call it mercurial
And they call it moody
But I just call it

Aug 23, 2008

Hey Guess What? *updated with slight caution*

I've got nothing to say but that's ok.

It's all been said before.

Just from different degrees.

What does that even mean?

I'm writing again. Started a story. Dunno where's it's going to take me yet. It's really telling itself to me. Does that sound odd? Maybe I'm a little freak. But that's ok, cause I really dig me. And you. For reading me.

Keep on... I got some more coming. Hahaha. She said cumming.

Ciao for now!
Love to ALL,

PS: Please don't ask me what it's about. I don't like talking about projects I'm currently working on. Thanks for understanding.

Aug 22, 2008

"So leave me be" (poem)

I may not be sleeping
I may just be grieving
I may not be sleeping
I may just be weeping

So leave me be
I'm just a honey bee
Who lost her hive
So just give me five

Everything I love
Leaves in the end
This would be why
I'm such a bad friend

I may not be sleeping
I may just be weeping
I may not be sleeping
I may just be grieving

So leave me be
But don't forget
To text me
No more secrets

(I miss my cat)

I’m Not OK (Gone)

I'm not ok
it's not ok
it's not fair
you were always there
no one to talk to yet you
always listened like you knew
exactly what I was saying
you meowed back
like we were conversing

I don't know how to live without you
I don't want to live without you
There's a big black void
where my heart used to be
And all I can think
is you're gone you're gone
gone gone too soon
too quick what did i do
wrong gone gone gone

Nine and a half years
Nine nine nine and a half years
That's a long time
That's his life line
And I want him
To not be gone
But all I can think

is you're gone you're gone
gone gone too soon
too quick what did i do
wrong gone gone gone

I don't want to live without you
But I guess I'll have to
Life keeps moving on
No matter how slow you go
Life just keeps moving on
No matter if you're dead
Life just moves on instead
Gone gone gone wrong
gone gone feeling guilty gone
feeling wrong gone gone

Aug 21, 2008

The story of when Jeremy pooped his an public

Morris' recent comment reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time when Jeremy and I were first married -- out here all alone in LA with no car and only each other for company -- we desperately had to go to a grocery store but Jer was real sick. Flu-like symptoms. But because he knew I couldn't possibly carry all the stuff we needed he decided to walk down with me, despite his illness, to the store (which was & still is, incidentally, "Evil Ralph's" near the Wiltern).

Well, to his chagrin he had a little accident in the store BUT he was standing in the Depends aisle where he said, all bent over weird, "I pooped my pants."

I burst out laughing because I thought it was a clever joke (he even sounded like an old, hoarse man when he said it) and all the while what with the Depends racks as his background.

But no.

He was serious.

I then went into full blown action mode to get him to the nearest bathroom right quick.

Funny side note: Due to not having done his laundry, he was wearing MY camo pants + MY boxers (yes, I used to wear men's boxers for underwear. "Try not to faint.") so like despite my mothering him I was also all, "Those are so not ever going to be my pants or boxers like ever again no matter how many times they got washed."

And they did get washed, myriad times indeed, and the Boy did wear 'em again.

Not me, tho.

Aug 17, 2008

Remembering Comet 1998-2008








comet pink

Me & Comet! >^..^<

Only problem is I ran out of Soft Flex & other jewelry fixings. Got stones galore, tho!

I should note that this particular design was inspired by a necklace I saw in a window in P-Town, thus I can't take full credit... Most of my designs come from my head or my Mum's tho. ;)

Tweaked my last necklace. It was begging for a pendant.

New necklace

Aug 16, 2008


I need your contact info (again).

Blackberry malfunctioned. They gave me a new one but couldn't get in to save ANYTHING.

So, I'm like totally starting from scratch.

Ugh. Annoying, I know, but, like, friends, you know who you are -- either DROP ME A (private) MESSAGE HERE or TEXT me with your name so I can redo my address book.


Love ya,

PS: Made another necklace. Check it out:



I'm thinking of adding a pendant to it but I can't decide between my Ankh or my Eye of Horus. Thoughts? Suggestions?

My latest creation!

My latest creation after a LONG time off

Aug 13, 2008


So I took my semi-famous design used by WIRED magazine and made a Cafe Press store.

FEEDBACK + HYPE are much appreciated.

Oh, and so is buying stuff. My mark-up is 1 cent per purchase bc  the message is WAAY more important to me than money (esp. right now).

Here's a handy URL: http://flickr. com/photos/melissa/sets/72157606698667066/
And here's an example (or 2):
Plus a coupla variations I also uploaded to my flickr account:
http://flickr. com/photos/melissa/sets/72157606698667066/

PS: Some, but not ALL, have my autograph hidden top shoulders on backs of Tees & such.