Jul 5, 2008


(Randomly opened old KM journal 2 the following written Aug 2, 1999 @ approx. 9:29 am)

we hide behind the cool
to mask the pain
we are not the elite
we are the real
we are not necessarily
the hip 'n' happening
because we are not
cardboard cookie cutter
we have no money and
we don't work for the man
we have bad credit
and defaulted student loans
from expensive East Coast colleges
while some of us
have not even graduated -- yet
we'd live with our parents
if they didn't drive us mad
or we do and they do
but we are all crazy cats
we drink too much coffee
and smoke too many cigarettes
we hang out at cafes (or bars)
talking a big game
sipping the endless cup
hoping we're not asked to leave
we buy new shoes instead of food
go clubbing instead of sleeping
and spend the day at the beach
instead of searching the want-ads
we don't use our computers to
make quick cash
from ingenius internet scams
instead we play Free Cell
or chat for hours
b/w writing and PhotoShop
we scan the streets
for celebrities
but pretend we don't notice
we want fame and fortune
but we don't want to work for it
so we suffer the struggle
by sleeping past noon
words are our weapons
and our only means of escape
from -- everyone and everything
from -- reality -- the cruel
construct of collective
consciousness (that we are not
part of) called society
But most of all we watch + learn
and most of all we want to be
so listen
and don't forget to buy the book

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