Jun 19, 2008

Tidying Up Flickr, Net Neutrality, & Googling Myself

As you may have I noticed, I *just* uploaded a buttload of photos. Aside from the obvious narcissistic aspect of it, I was really just doing some "tidying up" on my Flickr account and, upon revisiting 5,000+ images, well, I felt like sharing some, damn it!

What else? Oh, yeah, this is neat... While Googling myself the other day (yes, I do that, shut up), I discovered a couple of my original graphic designs being used in two different online articles about Net Neutrality. Check It:

Sobre el control de Internet

Probing Question: What is Net neutrality?

Also, came across a photo of Bono I took being used here (without my permission, btw -- who created that account in my name? Not me! But still, I'm flattered... Sin thy name is Vanity!):

Give the Man from U2 His Pants!

PS: I switched out my SlideShows (on the main page) for one of just concert photography I've taken over the years... I love capturing live performance!

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