Jun 8, 2008

New cupcake bakery in Larchmont: CRUMBS

So, I just got back from a little work break up in Larchmont (it's my Cheers) and whilst there I discovered that a new shop opened (this happens a lot in Larchmont -- there are a couple spots along the strip that have wicked high turnover. I'm convinced they're all haunted), anyway the shop is called Crumbs and sells fancy shmancy cupcakes at exhorbitant prices. (I just pretended I needed change for the phone for a few hours, then after finally collecting $3.75 + tax, bought one, only to find it's waaay too rich for me, man. No pun intended. Or was it?) But enough of the chatter! Look at these yummy cupcakes:

Meanwhile, the Boy ate at Kiku and chatted up the sushi chef, Chris, who told him he was Iron Chef trained... I don't do fish, but it looked neat:

He then chatted me up giving me all these good veggie tips, like after opening a bag of Spring Mix, toss in a slice of lemon to keep it fresh 3 days longer. Cool, huh? And I've been sort of focusing my thoughts on better eating (just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I eat well)... It's funny how things just find you when you're on the right track.

Anyhoo, that was my lil adventure today... K, now back to either 1) finishing work or 2) Swiffering the kitchen... What am I in the mood for first?

PS: I didn't really beg. I just thought it sounded funnier. Ok, I'm really just embarrassed that I blew 4 bucks on a cupcake I can't even eat.

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