Jun 30, 2008

’Like the Face of Chefren’

The class lingered on
soft voices
intensely discussing
Othello's flaws
jealousy, insecurity, trust
How I long for
such emotions
I sigh and tune
them out like
an old Elvis song
I've heard too
many times
My eyes gaze
around the circle
searching for truth
they rest upon her
with dark flowing
hair cascading
over her soft shoulders
rolls of black waves
her eyes
deep and mysterious
exploring Desdemona's soul
My eyes turn inward
I think of him
his innocent face
of youth with eyes
too old to love
his beautiful face
smooth features
timeless, ideal
his eyes staring
back into mine
into my soul
He knows my
yet does not
return them
could not return them
I know that
I know why
But I can't
suppress my feelings
my longing
I will break the circle

(Written during my Shakespeare class @ BC 1992)

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