Jun 10, 2008

If you know you can’t throw, don’t try

So, I'm out by the pool, right, when this mini yellow flying saucer comes booming down on me. It's a doggie chew toy. I look up, there's my top floor neighbor with dogs looking down at me going, "Oops, I missed. Can you toss it back up?"

So, I dutifully hop out the pool, grab up the sticky, smelly chew toy and attempt to toss it back up.

Wait. Let me paint you a picture (I'd take one, but I'm naked & too embarrassed to go back out right now)...

K, so I live in a horseshoe apartment with a courtyard pool in the back. There are 3 floors. The inner apartments all have balconies facing the courtyard.

And I live in K-town.

And I can't throw. (I did field hockey. Goalie. Blood makes the grass grow!)

But I try anyway.

Instead of making its destination -- 3rd floor porch -- it landed with a resounding thud on the 2nd floor porch.

And then a face appeared from the darkness beyond the sliding glass doors. It was hideous, twisted, and very old. Female, I think.

It growled at me in unfamiliar words.

I said, "Round thing. Yellow. Can you toss it back to me?"

It growled again in its native tongue.

Again, this time making a circle with my hands, I said, "Round thing. Yellow. Can you toss it to me?"

She did.

Then she stood there watching.

I tried again. This time it slammed against her sliding glass doors wicked loud.

The upstairs neighbor suddenly disappeared.

She did not toss it back down.

K, I need to clean this chlorine off... And this shame! haha.

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