May 18, 2008

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Wake up one day and everything's different.
Dunno what to say.
Everything's different.
What happened, I can't say.
Just everything's different.
Can't sit in the same room.
Everything's different.
Can't share the same space.
Everything's different.
But life is twisted and money is short.
Forced to exist when we should be apart.
When will the Universe open the door?
Set me free to see where I stand?
Who are you when everything's easy?
Who am I when I'm set free?
Sad to go, happy to leave...
Ready to detox, need to just breathe...
Lost in the haze of dark days,
Lightning struck, broke the chains.
Will you be there at the end of the line?
Leap of faith, save face, embrace grace!

So, what's next? Freedom or more chains?

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