May 14, 2008

So, not all relationships are meant to last...

And this one only lasted 3 sessions!

Y'know, I had no idea really how to go about this whole therapy thing. I just sort of fell into the idea...Anyway, while the first session was great, the second one, not so much. She leapt to conclusions about other people in my life that were way off base and I couldn't understand why or how that happened. I thought maybe she was just judgmental or maybe I really was that out of touch... What I ultimately realized was that I didn't really give her enough information. I didn't fill in all the blanks. I didn't realize I had to get so much out so quickly.

BUT now I know. I also have a better understanding of what all the different types of therapists do and what I need, yada yada.. (I'm distracted by Family Guy right now, lol, but I want to get this out!)

Since I still had time, she tried this Extreme Trauma technique on me that seemed akin to hypnotism but with more awareness... ANYway, it was wicked. I cried, I laughed, I liked it better than the Pirates of Penzance. No really, it unlocked a couple moments in my life... I had a couple MAJOR realizations that blew my mind.

So, now I know what I really want, so, yeah, I'm gonna go get it.

Watch out.

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