May 16, 2008

I love my dentist. No, seriously. He rocks!

My whole life I've had a phobia of dentists (as most folk do, I s'pose), but a couple years ago my doctor (who also totally rocks) recommended this guy because we had been hosed by someone else (bad fillings that just plain fell out - no joke) and I was desperate and in wicked pain. Well, he fixed me up right then and 2 years later (yeah, shoulda been 6 months later but I've been a zombie for about 2 years ANYway) I'm back in his office getting major dental work done (my teeth are like butter) and I'm totally comfortable. No anxiety. No panic attacks. No claustrophobia. Plus his assistant is just the coolest chick. AND, most importantly, he does top notch work designed for longevity - a real meat & potatoes kinda dentist, like old school rural doctors of yore forever frozen in Norman Rockwell's... K, now I'm waxing poetic. Point is, if you live in the LA area and you need a dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Omer Suleimanagich, DDS at Roxbury Dental Group.

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