May 4, 2008

Coke tastes better with real sugar. I’m just sayin’...

I've been meandering about the 'hood with my camera in tow just capturing slices of life when I discovered this little corner store in K-town with REAL Coca-Cola hecho en Mexico con AZUCAR *not* corn syrup.

We are a country of corn addicts. *sigh* And now I can't go back. Funny that...

Once I experience something that's even better than "the real thing" (aka the HYPE), I just can't go back... Unless it's EZ Cheese. I can eat the finest cheeses in all of France, England, Scotland, wherevertheheck, but I can always go for a squirt of EZ Cheese on my tongue... GREAT. Now I have a craving, but I ordered Pop Tarts cuz that's what I wanted before. D'oh. Just love PMS. It's a mood ring on acid. Pickles and peanut butter. "Medusa on the rag." (I wonder if Medusa was a way for Greek men to teach/warn boys of that special time of month. Funny thing is, with my hair hanging down all unbrushed in hippie ringlets still damp from the pool, I freaken look like Medusa!)

K. back to Supernatural.

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