May 18, 2008

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Wake up one day and everything's different.
Dunno what to say.
Everything's different.
What happened, I can't say.
Just everything's different.
Can't sit in the same room.
Everything's different.
Can't share the same space.
Everything's different.
But life is twisted and money is short.
Forced to exist when we should be apart.
When will the Universe open the door?
Set me free to see where I stand?
Who are you when everything's easy?
Who am I when I'm set free?
Sad to go, happy to leave...
Ready to detox, need to just breathe...
Lost in the haze of dark days,
Lightning struck, broke the chains.
Will you be there at the end of the line?
Leap of faith, save face, embrace grace!

So, what's next? Freedom or more chains?

May 16, 2008

I love my dentist. No, seriously. He rocks!

My whole life I've had a phobia of dentists (as most folk do, I s'pose), but a couple years ago my doctor (who also totally rocks) recommended this guy because we had been hosed by someone else (bad fillings that just plain fell out - no joke) and I was desperate and in wicked pain. Well, he fixed me up right then and 2 years later (yeah, shoulda been 6 months later but I've been a zombie for about 2 years ANYway) I'm back in his office getting major dental work done (my teeth are like butter) and I'm totally comfortable. No anxiety. No panic attacks. No claustrophobia. Plus his assistant is just the coolest chick. AND, most importantly, he does top notch work designed for longevity - a real meat & potatoes kinda dentist, like old school rural doctors of yore forever frozen in Norman Rockwell's... K, now I'm waxing poetic. Point is, if you live in the LA area and you need a dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Omer Suleimanagich, DDS at Roxbury Dental Group.

May 14, 2008

So, not all relationships are meant to last...

And this one only lasted 3 sessions!

Y'know, I had no idea really how to go about this whole therapy thing. I just sort of fell into the idea...Anyway, while the first session was great, the second one, not so much. She leapt to conclusions about other people in my life that were way off base and I couldn't understand why or how that happened. I thought maybe she was just judgmental or maybe I really was that out of touch... What I ultimately realized was that I didn't really give her enough information. I didn't fill in all the blanks. I didn't realize I had to get so much out so quickly.

BUT now I know. I also have a better understanding of what all the different types of therapists do and what I need, yada yada.. (I'm distracted by Family Guy right now, lol, but I want to get this out!)

Since I still had time, she tried this Extreme Trauma technique on me that seemed akin to hypnotism but with more awareness... ANYway, it was wicked. I cried, I laughed, I liked it better than the Pirates of Penzance. No really, it unlocked a couple moments in my life... I had a couple MAJOR realizations that blew my mind.

So, now I know what I really want, so, yeah, I'm gonna go get it.

Watch out.

May 4, 2008

Coke tastes better with real sugar. I’m just sayin’...

I've been meandering about the 'hood with my camera in tow just capturing slices of life when I discovered this little corner store in K-town with REAL Coca-Cola hecho en Mexico con AZUCAR *not* corn syrup.

We are a country of corn addicts. *sigh* And now I can't go back. Funny that...

Once I experience something that's even better than "the real thing" (aka the HYPE), I just can't go back... Unless it's EZ Cheese. I can eat the finest cheeses in all of France, England, Scotland, wherevertheheck, but I can always go for a squirt of EZ Cheese on my tongue... GREAT. Now I have a craving, but I ordered Pop Tarts cuz that's what I wanted before. D'oh. Just love PMS. It's a mood ring on acid. Pickles and peanut butter. "Medusa on the rag." (I wonder if Medusa was a way for Greek men to teach/warn boys of that special time of month. Funny thing is, with my hair hanging down all unbrushed in hippie ringlets still damp from the pool, I freaken look like Medusa!)

K. back to Supernatural.

This video is WICKED: Flying Lamps Fill the Sky

Check out this video: Flying Lamps Fill the Sky


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