Apr 26, 2008

Ok so like as of TODAY I finally became totally 100% LA

I got my very own shrink. Yup. Yay! Go me! First step back to reality. Ok, now I'm friggin' rhyming. Did I spell that right? Rhyming. Looks weird, huh? ANYway, have you seen Smiley Face? If no, then go rent it. Anna Faris is a fucking riot. I just love her. And Kasinski (what's-his-face from The Office) gives like a priceless performance.Well, I gotta go get back to taking full advantage of my internet time...Oh, hey, I'll let ya know how it goes... The therapy. Starts Monday. I'm kinda like excited. Maybe because I like to talk... A LOT... and, well, she has no choice but to listen to me prattle on. Prattle? That is an odd fucken word, isn't it? Prattle. Sounds kinda dirty. Ok, RAMBLING... Ciao.

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