Jan 13, 2008

Religion, Politics, and How Much Money I Make

Just kidding.

Earlier I received an interesting email from a friend, Kelly, asking, "What makes you happy?" I responded fairly quickly, prefering a "first thought, best thought" approach to a heavily edited one. Ironically, my list of what makes me happy includes exactly 10 items. I didn't know it was 10 until after I sent it and counted them out of sheer curiosity. Of course I innately chose 10 things. Of course!

Anyhoo, here they are:

What makes me happy?

Laughing at myself.

Being front row at a U2 concert.

Stringing a new necklace for my Mum.

Volunteering at a Serenity convention.

Watching DVDs with my Dad on his big HD TV.

Staring at the seemingly infinite horizon of the sea.

Writing words that connect people on a soul deep level.

Hearing my words become melody or seeing them become moving pictures.

Feeling loved.


Also, the company I work for just launched our website...

Please, check it out: www.toneeastmusic.com and let me know what ya think.