Dec 12, 2007

Rent, Ramen, and other Recent Randomness

I have to fly again. I don't like flying. Wait, that's a lie. I don't like airports. Once I'm on the actual plane, I'm golden, but I disliked the airport experience prior to 9/11. I had no idea just how bad it could get, though. Man. Beam me up, Scotty, ok? Why can't I just teleport home for the holidays? Y'know, just keep the flies out…

So, aside from having to fly again, what else have I been up to? It's been awhile since I've written, namely because I still do not have my PC back. I'm on my lap top right now. It's a dinky, cheap little thing that served it's limited purpose well, but now that I have to use it full time, I am seriously missing my desktop. I like lot's of space and bigness. Gimme a big wide screen and a large keyboard and enough memory to run multiple apps!

I need money.

Let's see, because I'm a 'tard and can't park a Kia, I owe $850 to Enterprise for scraping the side of the door along the support beam in our garage. Um, rent, which is like $900 something… What else? The car is due for smog and new registration, but we both have so many tickets I'm surprised we haven't been arrested. Did I mention rent? Oh, and food…

I miss food.

Ramen only works for so long… Mrs. Dash became my best friend. Bulk Mac 'n' Cheese with Guvment Cheese chunks added… Mmmm. We out the guvment cheese now though, sadly.

I hope this isn't depressing you. I don't mean to depress. Rather, think of it like this, if you're having a bad day today or a bad week or even month… Well, you can't possibly be worse off than we (unless you work in film & television), so rejoice in your abundance!

What can I rejoice? I can rejoice getting a certain card recently… I do not want to be specific so you either "get it" or you don't. Any which way around, next time my ovaries attack, I will have the best defense mechanism ever. And it will be legal. Wicked.

But what have I been doing? Well, I've been assisting in launching an up-start company (as mentioned in a previous blog) and that has been taking up A LOT of my time, BUT being that it is "start up" I ain't makin' no money…

Thing is, I believe in the project, so it's worth the sacrifice, but with there being no work in Hollywood right now, the boy ain't making any bread, see, so, like, tough fucken times, man…

We've been selling off our camera collection on eBay, but that's tricky and we got hassled today with some crazy chick in the UK who wicked overpaid but we never really got the money and now she wants us to send our account info to some pastor in Nigeria and I'm like, um, yeah, no. I don't think so, lady. SCAM.

AND Jeremy's WAMU card got duped and some jackass stole $300 putting our account into a negative balance.

Like, do we really need that right now?

I'm sitting here adding up all this bad nonsense and wondering what the heck the Universe is trying to teach me. The value of money? I get it! I get it already! Now just send me a check so I can pay off my bills. (I'm asking the Universe here, not you the reader, unless of course you the reader would like to contribute to the "get Mel the Hell out of debt fund," in which case MAIL me. Ha! Hey, ya never know?)

Well, I gots to go dig for quarters so I can do my laundry and not have to pack stinky clothes…