Nov 12, 2007


There is a lesson I need to learn here.

The Universe (God, Buddha, or whomever you pray to) is making that very clear to me.

With the housing putting the clamp down on our slumlords and our subsequent like-new apartment, I experienced a rebirth of sorts…

But instead of being born, I'm stuck in the birthing canal…

The apartment is still in a state of flux… It's been two weeks, which I guess isn't really that long when you consider we gutted almost our entire apartment… New carpet, fresh paint, lot's of mold removal… So, we took advantage of the opportunity to de-clutter, a great idea that in practice becomes quite the chore.

Well, just when the place really started getting to me, meaning I want it ready now! Well, just then, I go get another painful cyst that has brought me to my knees for over a week now.

I'll call my doctor tomorrow to schedule an appointment, but, really, I thought I was healing…

I guess it's time to start seeking holistic help…again.

I've already begun to implement changes to my diet (no more caffeine starting today – that's gonna be wicked hard!)…

I need to figure out what's causing these… pain management alone is not the solution.

I'll rest now, but when I feel better I really need to seek out alternative paths to health.

And I don't have time to play around, I got stuff I need to do, man!

Like help promote my mentor's debut solo album.

It's the first ever-jazz tuba solo album ever.

That's important. History in the making.

I haven't got time for the pain, man.

However, I did get a treat this weekend when an old friend visited. We went to Griffith Park with her family. We've known each other since second grade. It's so much fun to connect with old friends – helps remind you who you really are and how much you've grown and experienced in life since then. Kind of amazing, really.

It's important to have reminders of growth… We live in such a selfish world where we imprison ourselves in our minds, but we need other people, we need to connect, to share experiences, to laugh, remember what's really important.







However, I was kinda embarrassed when they came up... We look like we just moved in with all our stuff in crates and boxes piled in heaps on either end of the living room... Ugh!

Anyone wanna help me de-clutter/re-organize? I got cookies and candy and orange soda. Hello? Anyone? Echo-ko-ko-ko-koooh. Ok, fine. I'll be in my bunk with my Vicoprofen.

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