Oct 31, 2007

Living the Dream

For the first time I realize I am exactly where I want to be. I'm on the right path.

I've struggled with my path most my life. I've always felt I've had a calling, but I'm sort of a Jane-Of-All-Trades, so I never really fully committed to just one thing.

It's kind of funny, really... So many people have told me over the years how lucky I am to know what I want to do with my life, to be so passionate about something, but the thing is there's so many things I want to do, so many things I'm passionate about that I've had a hard time. Period. I was going to elaborate, like hard time doing such and such, but really just a plain ole hard time of it, man!

But I guess hard times help you appreciate the good times, so, yeah, it's all good.

Oct 10, 2007

I’ve got nothing to say but it’s okay!

Spent two whole days in bed recently, because I felt a sinus infection coming on and figured just sleeping would help... But then sleeping too much gets me all depressed because when I'm not actually sleeping, I'm just laying there thinking.

Bad idea.

So, I start thinking about all sorts of crazy stuff... Stuff that seems to flit in and out of my mind on it's own accord...

Here was one thought process: what's the deal with all these ghost shows? Why so popular? Are there a heck of a lot more real hauntings than we realize? How much of it is a sham?

I believe in ghosts because I've seen them.

Our current apartment even came with one... I thought I was crazy at first, but when I finally told Jer, he trhought the same thing and he's waaaay more grounded than I am so I knew it was real.

I read up on a bunch of occult books and tried to get my hands on secret Catholic mysticism (like exorcism rituals and sych), but finally decided on the simple "smudging" and telling the ghost to "go into the light," more or less...

The thing is, the ghost was a kid. I read that kids often don't realize when they're dead so they linger.

He used to come in through our bathroom wall and sit in front of the TV on the floor right in front of the couch.

We'd both seem him like a blur in our peripheral vision then feel a cold spot on the flor where he sat. It was wicked weird, man.

So, yeah, we got rid of him, time went on, and we sort of forgot...

Well, then one day there was like a massive exodus of older tenants (new landlord, real slumbag, contstantly messes with us to kick us out ONLY because our place is worth about 300 or 400 more per month than we pay.

We are quiet, pay on time, don't bother anyone, no parties, heck, we barely even have any guests!

Just money... Well, anyway, tangent aside, we randomly met this older gent looking to give away/sell someof his stuff...

As we sat in his mirror-lined living room/bar, we listened to all his tales of how fun this building used to be when he was our age. They had parties every weekend for all tenants out by the pool in the courtyard. They even had a hot tub, where they'd warm up on cold nights...

Until one day, a boy got stuck to the bottom. Several people tried pulling him out, but the pressure was too strong. No one thought to just turn off the damn thing.

The boy died.

The now defunct hot tub is located directly outside our bathroom wall.

Jer and I looked at each other completely baffled.

I asked for a description and it was exactly what we'd seen... A dark haired boy in brightly colored swim trunks (only we weren't sure before if they were shorts or underwear or what, now we know).

If I ever doubted before that, I no longer do.

Well, I'm gonna go chill, maybe next time I'll tell you about my recurring dreams and the scary one my Mum had about me... I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one cause it is reall freaking me out.

PS: Sorry for any typos, I'm hungry & don't feel like editing...