Sep 26, 2007

My Favorite Movies A thru Z

I like making lists -- for everything. Mostly useful, but sometimes just for fun... Call it a mental exercise, if you will (others might call it typical Melissa procrastination, but I digress...).

Now, I know most people like to do the whole Top Ten business, but like listing things according to the alphabet. (I tried listing my favorite words once A thru Z but that led to me spending the better part of a day reading the dictionary and getting nowhere with the actual list...)

Anyway, this morning I made a list of movies and, well, since I have a lot of movie friends and MySpace is a place for lists, here ya go:

(Note: I did this off the top of my head mostly... I felt using imdb was cheating, so I might have a few missing... That and I had real issues with "S" and "R" and "T" -- there are just WAY too many awesome movies starting with those letters...)


Blade Runner



Empire Strikes Back, The

Fight Club



Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Jacob's Ladder


Last Temptation of Christ, The (I just could not choose The Lost Boys over, um, Christ, I mean, Scorsese. Sorry, Joel!)

Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

New Hope, A

Outsiders, The

Prophecy, The (The Princess Bride, close second -- but Viggo/Walken win)

Quick and the Dead, The

Return of the Jedi (Repo Man & Real Genius, runners up)

TIE: Serenity & Slither (I just could not choose! Strange Days, The Salton Sea, & The Specials, runners up)

Total Recall (Twelve Monkeys, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, & Terminator, runners up)

Usual Suspects, The

Valley of the Dolls

Wild at Heart


Young Frankenstein


Now, what are yours?

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