Sep 21, 2007

Hollywood Censorship

I wanted to blog about something but I was told I couldn't so now I'm bummed because I had this whole thing in my head that I wanted to share but it was thwarted so now I sit and stare at this blank screen wanting to talk about what's going on in my life and those around me but the deeper down the rabbit hole I go the less I seem to know and even lesser than that can I say.

I miss the days ago of my old Tripod site where I posted weekly rants without a care in the world about the repercusions of my words, but now I do. Now I care. So I sit and stare and search for words to write.

I saw Across the Universe. Thought it was absolutely brilliant. Julie is a Goddess!

I've been blowing off a lot of my friends lately and feel kinda shitty about it but I'm in major hermit mode spending half my time in pain and the other half working. *sigh* I just hope they understand... I know some do but others I worry I'll lose... The sacrifices we make for our dreams to come true.

A tight lipped, solitary world.....

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