Aug 20, 2007

New Cyst, Sour Mood, and Hot Fudge

I definitely know for sure I have another cyst, but I highly doubt anyone (aside from Jeremy) would want details on how... Regardless, I am totally bummed. I'm tired of being in pain. I'm tired of cramps. I'm tired of blood. I'm just sick and tired of all that.

Puts me in such a sour mood... I really dislike going out in public when I feel like this but I had errands to do today, so I had no choice.

I was going to go to Target but I just couldn't deal, so after circling around in a confused daze for 30 minutes I finally just decided to go to Larchmont since it's much smaller and way more private... It's like having your own speciall little secret neighborhood. I love it. (Plus I run into people I know, which while it can be annoying at times, is a pleasant event when it's someone cool like my favorite barista -- you know who you are even tho you're not on myspace, lol)... And I feel better having gotten most of my errands done (except for a paint brush, still need one big one)... I did treat myself with some Baskin Robins. Yum.

But I'm still in pain. It sucks to have your mind be racing and wanting to do all this stuff but your body can't. I'm only partially done repainting the kitchen walls, I seriously need to like steam clean the heck out of the kitchen... Looks like a Zombie's head exploded in the microwave, but I'm just so not feeling well I can hardly move...

When you can feel, I mean really feel your ovary, well, that in and of itself is friggin weird, never mind the additional pain.

Yet I have no painkillers... Well, no prescriptions, at least. I'm just so over pills. It's like a few years ago I was deep in a mountain of pills per day and now I don't even want to take a multi because I'd like to try to get everything my body needs from food and beverage, coz, like, that's how it's supposed to work, y'know? But, well, doesn't always...

What is the nutrional value of hot fudge anyway?

Oh, btw, I was thinking of killing all my other MySpace pages (except for the Platypus, Saint Asylum, & U2MP3s)... I just don't have the time anymore... So, kiss Floppy goodbye!

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